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At First Class Jewelry & Loan, based in Houston, we buy gold in the form of jewelry, watches, coins, and bullion and offer fair prices to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and confidentiality. We don’t just weigh your gold on certified scales, but also pay attention to hallmarks and aesthetics to pay a premium. At First Class Jewelry and Loans, we also buy and offer loans against numismatic coins, which are rare and collectible coins. Our evaluation process is thorough, and we take the time to explain our offer to you. We also purchase platinum, silver, and other valuables at top prices, and we pay cash immediately.



There are several reasons why someone might choose to sell their gold for cash to a pawn shop.

Swift Cash Solutions: When urgency strikes and the intricacies of loan applications seem daunting, parting with your gold at a pawn shop emerges as a seamless and expeditious way to acquire the funds you require.

Credit Check Exemption: Unlike conventional lending institutions, pawn shops typically sidestep the need for credit checks in their loan processes. Consequently, whether you possess a tarnished credit history or no credit lineage at all, you’re still eligible to exchange your gold for cash.

Versatile Options: The transaction at a pawn shop unfurls a tapestry of choices. You hold the reins to either outrightly sell your gold or opt for a loan against it. In the latter case, a designated window is bestowed upon you to reimburse the loan before your gold changes hands. This pliancy sets it apart from other financing avenues.

No Binding Commitments: Engaging with a pawn shop doesn’t necessitate a binding commitment to relinquish your gold. Upon appraisal, you retain the autonomy to accept or decline the proffered deal. If contentment eludes you, reclaiming your gold is as simple as walking away.

Dependable Valuation: Reputable pawn establishments house adept and seasoned professionals proficient in accurately assessing the value of your gold. This proficiency assures you of a just remuneration, fostering tranquility as you part with your prized possessions.

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